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    Sonderforschungsbereich 688
    Cellular Neuroimaging: T2-w MRI of a small cortical infarct at day 6, 24 hrs after systemic application of an iron-contrast agent (SPIO). The hypointense (black) rim represents the invasion of iron-laden macrophages from the circulation into the infarct within the last 24 hrs.

    Cell-Cell interactions in cerebral infarct pathogenesis: Molecular MR-Imaging and thrombocyte function

    G. StollB. Nieswandt


    The interdisciplinary project B01 (Stoll/Nieswandt) takes advantage of novel MR contrast agents to visualize in-vivo the cellular and molecular processes involved in the development of cerebral infarcts. In a therapeutic approach we furthermore use pharmacological and transgenic mouse models to evaluate the role of platetets and coagulation factors during secondary infarct growth after middle cerebral artery occlusion.


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